The Canine Ovulation Test Pads are...

* Cost effective.
* Easy to read and use with instant results at home.
* There is no need for complicated electrical testing.
* No need to take your bitch to the vets for blood tests when its so simple to test at home.
* Tells you when your bitch is ovulating and ready to be mated.
* See our customers testimonials and how to use test pages.

I was desperate to find a simple solution to see when my bitches were ovulating, it was hard for me as both seemed to have very light and almost silent seasons. After trying other testers and blood tests nothing seemed to work and everything was complicated or needed a trip to the vets.
Then I found the Pads, my bitch fell pregnant and we had 9 healthy puppies.  
How do they work?
The pads change colour from Pink to Purple/Burgundy on the days your bitch is ovulating; this is normally just 2 - 3 days per season. You can start testing with the pads as early as day 1 of her season.
We suggest an early start in case you have missed a few days of bleeding or colour, or if your bitches have silent seasons. For best results you can test morning and evening, wipe the vulva area clean, open the vulva, and gently place the pad about 1 3 cms inside, place the pads sideways into the vulva so the pad soaks up vaginal fluid and hold in place for a count of 10 seconds. The pad edges are plastic and can be sharp please check before use but do not touch the pink part of the pad; this may lead to a false or incorrect result.
After 10 seconds remove the pad and ensure it is soaked with vaginal fluid, wait for 30 seconds, if the pad remains pink with no colour change at all, your bitch is not ovulating. If the pad starts to turn colour from Pink to Purple/Burgundy even if there is just one small spot or corner change of colour this is a positive result and your bitch is ovulating and you can plan her mating. If left longer than a few minutes the pads will naturally go darker in the air.  Please note the initial change only. Continue to test your bitch so you know exactly the days of ovulation and note when ovulation is complete. The pads will then remain pink with no colour change confirming ovulation has passed.
Ovulation is triggered by the LH surge which causes the ovaries to release the developing eggs.
The eggs cannot be fertilised upon immediate release from the ovaries. However, normally within 24 48 hours after the eggs become sperm friendly and are ready to be fertilised.  As a breeder myself I found that my best results came from mating on the second day of ovulation then repeated 48 hours after and again and if able again another 48 hours later.  However, if you need to travel to a Stud Dog the optimum day for mating when the eggs are sperm friendly is 48 hours after ovulation.
Note: Some bitches can ovulate as early as day 5 and as late as day 21!
WARNING! DON'T TOUCH THE PINK PART OF THE PAD, this may affect your results.