Here are some of testimonials we at The Ovulation Pads have received.


Val Hayes, Pugs

Hi Karen
just wanted to let you know that my bitch is well in whelp.

She had only one pup previously on her first litter, I used the test strip as soon as I got them on day 4 which changed colour pretty quick.
I emailed you some pics , you was sure she was ovulating so mated on day 6 and voila.

She's got another 2.5 weeks to go and already is a good size , so probs a nice size litter, always a bonus with pugs!

Thanks for your time and just to say I'm a very happy customer .
Val Hayes

Gillian, German Shepherds

thanks so much for the ovulation test pads. As you can see we got a healthy litter of 10 German Shepherd Pups ( aged 6 weeks in the photo) after two previous failed attempts. We had always put Freja to the stud from 12-14 days as advised by our vet, and she certainly stood for him every time.

This time we used the pads, and saw that it was in fact day 17 when she ovulated, so we raced to the stud again ( over on to an island with two long drives and a boat) and crossed our fingers. We intend to breed her again in a couple of seasons time so will certainly use them again.

I have passed my unused ones this time to the Stud dog owner who is travelling to the continent to do a mating so has to be bang on with timing-hope she has the same success.

I don't often write testimonials but I am convinced that without these we would not have our bundles of joy with us today.
Best wishes
Gillian and the LilleUlv German Shepherds xx

Joanne Robinson Tarward Brittanys and Whippet

Good morning Karen,
Please find attached photos showing successful mating !!!!

Missed the first time as she was not really co-operative so thought she wasn't ready. However your pads proved the next time that she was. We mated her on day 11 and hey presto. Whippet Puppies at 10 days old.

Best wishes
Joanne Robinson Tarward Brittanys and Whippets

Tony and Helen, Border terriers

Dear Karen
Just a quick email to let you know how pleased we are with ovulation pads.

We have never bred from our bitch before and could not believe how simple the pads are to use and the results were clear to read. For a first time breeder we were extremely happy with the product.

After nine weeks from our first cover we are the proud owners of four Border Terrier puppies two boys and two girls that are growing extremely fast.

Kind regards
Tony and Helen

Adrian and Jeff Miniature Schnauzers

Hi Karen
This is all your fault, but we thank-you Your ovulation strips certainly worked, and we have seven little Minature Schnauzers in our life; this was our Minnie's first litter so quite a shock for all of us.
We have had to assist in the rearing of two of them but they are now thriving after four weeks of intense care from us. Thought you might like the pics; the first one is day one, and the second was day 27.

All the best

Adrian, Jeff and Minnie

Elizabeth Sampson

As my second litter of puppies involved the use of an outside stud dog, not my own, it seemed more important to be accurate with the timing and so I invested in a pack of Karen's ovulation pads having done a lot of internet research, watched the videos and discovered horrendous prices for progesterone tests with my vet.

However, I was still a little sceptical! From observation of Sally during previous seasons I thought that she ovulated around day 11 to 13 and so when the pads showed that she had ovulated on day 5, I was extremely surprised.

On the strength of this we mated her on day 7, but still thinking this was rather early, repeated the matings on days 9 and 11. Her four week scan showed a pregnancy consistent with the first mating. We had a wonderful litter of 12 healthy puppies, one of whom we have kept. Had we delayed, we might well have failed.
I shall be using the pads again for future litters with a great deal more confidence than I did on the first occasion!

Beighleigh Dinah

Good morning Karen,

Here is Beighleigh Dinah Of Bizarte and her six beagle puppies born 23rd June. We used the Ovulation pads to detect time to take her to an unproven Stud Dog we had located.

The pads stayed pink for a day or two then Hey Presto the purple tinge emerged so off we went the following day!
The 1st Mating took place the day after and here is the result! We have another litter too and one due this week!!!!!
Incidentally The Stud Dog had previously been visited by two other bitches who were not tested and 'failed'! to conceive-- these pads are our saviour!!!
Thank you!
Anyone seriously considering producing a litter from their bitch is foolhardy not to use these pads.

Di Rose


Daisy had 9 Golden retriever pups after using the pads.

This is her 1st litter & we are pleased with the success. My friend has also used the pads & has a litter due in 2 weeks.

Di Rose

Azteca golden Retrievers

Kirsty Foreman


I just wanted to thank you my French Bulldog fell pregnant after using your ovulation pads.

I have attached a photo, this is my first litter so it made the planning much easier.

Kind Regards


Sue, German Shepherds

Hi Karen,

just an update which I thought you may like to put on your website it has been a few years since Karen added me on the testimonials page I am still using the strips and still having fantastic results.

I go on my strips and they have always been 100% accurate and have always given me puppies our puppies are very clever but I thought you would like to see one that was a result of the strips shes called braysuz blackberry and is now training in the Czech republic as a rescue dog.

Many thanks Karen for still doing the strips and also for doing the offers on them i will be back when my supply runs out again sue

Kindest regards

Jackie Chambers

Hi Karen,

My fabulous, wonderful, noisy little puppy gang arrived on Monday, as I say I thank you for your ovulation pads which helped to make this possible!

Here are some pics as promised!

Kindest regards
Jackie Chambers



I am so impressed with the test sticks a few weeks ago my daughter-in-laws Maltese terrier was on day 12 of her season the pads arrived from you that morning so I took them to try on little Buffe we used the test pad and it went straight to Purple as the days went by we used a pad every there day on her and was impressed as the dark Purple gradually changed to pink.
During the Purple faze Buffe mated. Not long after that my Miniature Dachshund Tinkerbell came into season I tested her using the pads on day 5 and the centre stayed Pink with some Purple dotting along one side, I tested her again on day 7 and the pad was Purple that evening she was found in the kitchen mating with my stud dog Alfie.
My daughter breeds Pugs and received a call from a lady who wants to use her stud dog, my daughter told her about the pads and suggested she buy some to test her bitch before bringing her, the lady contacted my daughter this afternoon to say she had done the test and the stick was turning Purple so has arranged to bring her bitch this Thursday morning for the mating.

This same daughter has one of her pugs in season and has been using the sticks for a few days now each one has stayed Pink until this afternoon and one corner turned Purple so she will carry on testing each day to see what happens.

I just wanted to say as a breeder how impressed I am to have found your website site and your little test kit. In fact I am just about to order the 3rd pack.


Miss Parkhouse from Devon

hi Karen

just a quick email 2 say your pads really work after 2 years of trying i had no luck with my staffordshire bull terrier bitch until a breeder recommended your ovulation pads, so i ordered some and started testing as early as day 1 on her 13th day she was ready so i used my own stud dog and again 48 hrs after then it was the longest 30 days of my life i took her for her scan and she was pregnant vet said 4 possible 6 well 63 days down the line and i have a healthy litter of 7 .

Thanks again i have recommended your pads to a friend. ive enclosed a picture of the magnificent 7.

Sara Pug Twigg

Hi there

My little darlings arrived Thursday 15th of Sept we have 3 girls and 1 boy, she self whelped the litter and mum and babies are doing great, thanks to your ovulation pads.......

Please find pics attached and don't forget to send me some bits to pop in the puppy packs for the new owners,


Sara Pug Twigg xxx


Wendy & Nick Jones,Chelynnah Whippets

Hi Karen
I just thought I’d send you a quick note to say we have had success with the pads. We took them with us in June/July to Sweden when we took our whippet to be bred. Not being near enough for regular testing we figured it was good to have something with us as a fallback.
I had a funny result on the first one and you were really helpful when I emailed you, and after that we tested a couple more days. We got a small purple spot on the same day that her discharge changed colour, and another one the next morning. I didn’t bother to re-test as it was really uncomfortable for her (and I was nervous about catching her with the corners), so I don’t know if the whole pad would have changed or not, but since the pad changed at the same time the other signs did we went ahead and bred 48 hours after the first change of colour for both pad and discharge, and then another 48 hours later.
My girl (who can be quite shy) was very nonchalant about the whole deal, and wasn’t bothered by being bred at all, so that was kind of the third sign that she was definitely ready. 2 weeks ago we went for an ultrasound and they discovered puppies. They’re only willing to commit to 4, but suspect there’s more and it could be a larger size litter. 2 weeks on and she’s very definitely pregnant. I thought I’d share the scans with you (I believe it’s actually several screenshots of the same pup, not 5 different pups), and when she has the litter I will also send you a pic.
Thanks so much. It was so nice to have a secondary test rather than just playing by ear – and something that confirmed the signs we were seeing were correct. I’ll keep you posted.


Ann Mynard,Andridz Boston Terriers

Hi Karen,
my name is Ann Mynard of the Andridz Boston Terriers. Having previously used the pads last year, once as an experiment without mating. I then used them on a bitch that i actually mated. I took her 3 days after the change in colour, I would have preferred 2 days, but the stud dog owner wasn't around, by this time she was 17 days in season. On first look the stud owner asked had she gone over, I replied no. Anyway we had a successful mating with a 20 minute tie. Resulting in 59 days later a litter of 6 healthy puppies.
In February this year, I ordered some more, as I had planned a mating to take place in France. While staying at a friends house in France, the pads helped me to plan the trip 400 miles away to the stud dog of my choice. Two days after the change in colour we arrived at the home of the stud dog. Resulting in a good mating and 63days later a litter of 4, 2x girls, 2xboys.

I 'm sure without the help of the pads, this mating taking place would have been so much harder, regarding the timeing, of when my bitch would have been ready for mating. They helped to take away, that is she or isn't she ready element of the whole process.

I certainly wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to all my fellow dog breeders.
Thanks Karen for all your information regarding the pads.
Ann Mynard.

Tony and Helen, Border Terrier

Dear Karen
Just a quick email to let you know how pleased we are with ovulation pads.
We have never bred from our bitch before and could not believe how simple the pads are to use and the results were clear to read. For a first time breeder we were extremely happy with the product.
After nine weeks from our first cover we are the proud owners of four Border Terrier puppies two boys and two girls that are growing extremely fast.
Kind regards
Tony and Helen

Ian and Jane, Rottweilers



Ewa Larsson, Britisher Show Bulldogs

Hello Karen,

Thank you , for all your help and advice with the Canine Ovulation Test Pads.
I was not sure of the result's so I have mailed you the photo's and with your help and expertise you told me exactly when my Girl ovulated and when was best to mate her.
I followed your advice as you know and here are our wonderful puppies Sired by Britisher Union Jack .
We are so pleased with such a wonderful litter, Mum and Pups doing just great.
The Pads are so easy to use and thank you for your personal support and experience, you put my mind at
rest and made everything much easier for us.

Thank you

Ted Jones, Smooth Dachshunds

Monday 4.00 pm
Dear Karen,

The pads proved to be most successful. I did take Dotty back for a second mating, I prefer to have two matings with a maiden bitch, but as she whelped early even from the date of the first mating the second was not truly needed.

They were born on 29th January and Dotty’s is the first litter of five puppies we have had for several years now. Mother and family all doing well so far and I thought that you might like to see their pictures.
I recommended the pads to a friend, Mrs Barbara Bartlett, who also in min smooth dachs as the stud dog she wants to use means an even longer journey than Dotty’s was.

I am hoping that her trial is as successful as mine was.

Yours sincerely,
Ted Jones

Amanda, Triarder Bulldogs

Hi Karen,
I used them last time and we have just had 6 pups born on Monday hooray!

This bitch had been mated 3 times before and had no pups using Idexx !!
I used the strips this time and my own dog at home and we have these gorgeous babies !!

Maybe she only likes her boyfriend at home !! Not strangers LOL ;o) as when I used them last time only a spot changed colour I was happy, with the readings this time but now as the colour change so dark I was certain. .

Take care


Hi Karen Sorry it has taken me this long to send you a pic of mum and pups but it was a hectic year for me last year with health problems within the family.

Kat only had 3 puppies but the pads do work as I used them and nothing else.

The pups were born 26/03/2010.

Best regards




Hi Karen,
Just wanted to add to the previous testimonial some new pictures, both Bitches went 63 days to the letter, Angie is a touchy Bitch, refuses to have her nails trimmed etc so there was no way I was going to insert even the very tip of the Testing Pad Strip but when she was feeling a little fruity around the 13th day she allowed the strip to be placed.
At first the pad did not change ,when it did a day or two later (testing twice daily),hey presto, there was a purple tinge around the edge. She was happy to be covered and here is the result.
Only twice because her mum Pru delivered eight pups a week before, so SIXTEEN pups all doing really well.

Because of the testing, you can cover when necessary and be assured You did not MISS it, which I know can happen.

These Pads are super and take away the risk of not conceiving. (What a waste of time and money)
I shall always use this product( I have tried others)! Even the saliva test did not work before!.

With Kind Regards and Thank you
Susan Bizarte beagles

Carrie Spurgeon

Hello Karen,
My reason for mailing you is to let you know that your pads worked brilliantly and we now have 9 gorgeous Springer pups!! They were born last Thursday and are doing really well, Luna is being a perfect Mum to them all and their weight is rocketing!!
Saying we are thrilled is a complete understatement; thank you so much for your pads!!!
We had put our English Springer Spaniel, Luna, to stud at the beginning of the year but had no pups, so when she came into season again I was very concerned it would happen again!
After searching the internet I found the ovulation pads.
I ordered them and they arrived the very next day!
The first time I used them on her she was confused to say the least but we immediately gave her a treat and after that she was quite happy to let me use them, they didn't cause her any concern at all!
With them we were able to pinpoint exactly the day she ovulated (on the day of ovulation the pads turned a really dark purple, you honestly can't miss it, and we mated her the day after (by the way the pads had turned back to red then as the colour change was literally just one day).
The stud refused to do his job (presumably because the eggs were not ripe) so we took her back the next day and we immediately got an excellent mating and tie! I took her back the next day but again he wasn't interested. Nine weeks later and the pups were born!
I even predicted the day they were due by using your pads as almost all pups are born 63 days from ovulation; how amazing was that!
Ovulation was Thursday 30th September and pups were born Thursday 2nd December! I must admit to taking her for an ovulation test at the vets the day before your pad changed colour as I was getting twitchy, and when it came back they said that hormones were on the rise and to retest in 2 days! I didn't bother to go back as the pads had convinced me of ovulation and that was the day I was taking her to the stud for the first time, the test was actually a total waste of £45!
I will definitely use your pads again and would highly recommend them to anyone!!
Without them we wouldn't now have 9 bundles of joy!!!
Oh, another interesting fact is that we had 8 boys and 1 girl and after research I have found that the nearer the eggs are to being ripe when mated, the more likely you are to have boys, as male sperm are faster but die quicker. If we mate from her again I am going to try and get them to mate on the day of ovulation, if I can, to see if the slower but longer living female sperm, can fertilise the eggs easier and therefore get more girls. When working I was a cytologist so this sort of thing fascinates me lol; I just can't help myself :o)
Thank you so much again for your help!!
Carrie x


Hi Karen,

We have a litter , 5 weeks old today.

The dam had a split season and had missed to an outside stud dog last time.
We used our own dog and the ovulation pads which indicated a split season and it worked!
Will see what I have left, and probably order more.
Regards Barbara.


Hello Karen,

Both my Sister and I have used you pads successfully, we have both had litters and are so pleased that your pads are so easy to use and so much cheaper than the blood tests!
I have enclosed a photo of my puppies for you.

Thanks again.

Linda Mills


Hi Karen

Babies arrived, nearly a week early.

Just as well I was ready for them, even they took me by surprise!!

Mum and 4 baby boys doing well!!

Wendy W.

Dexbenella English Springers


Hi Karen,
I had one single puppy boy on the 7th July. We have named him Magic and we are keeping him.
Mated Amber on the 2nd May, 2nd day of ovulation. Had 2 scans done at 30 and 32 days which both said no puppies. Took Amber back to the vet 10 days later as she just wasn't herself and had discharge from her back end. Vet swabbed her for Canine herpes and Brucella Canis, and then Scanned her again as she could feel fluid in her uterus.
Low and behold Amber had hidden a puppy behind her left kidney! Magic was delivered by C section as he was a singleton Amber wouldn't go into labour.
Amber didn't fertilize the egg until 4 days after mating. I am glad this is her last litter as I know Scotties are stubborn and do things their way but this is ridiculous.

Monica Greenwood Petmon Scotties.


Hi Karen,

Just to let you know, I ordered and received some ovulation pads from you as my cavalier bitch had come into season and I did not know when.
She also has a part silent season at the prime time so you never know when she is ready without taking her to the vet. I received the pads on the Thursday morning and tested her that evening, the pads immediately changed colour so I organised the stud dog for the next evening, obviously I tested her just in time.
We had a good mating and she is in whelp she is due her puppies on 28th August.
Thank you very much for bringing this product on the market. I have told all my friends and have also linked you to my website. I will also be using the pads to check any bitches that come to my stud dogs.
Thanks once again.

Margaret Kirkham


Well, at last, I had my own bitch to mate, as we all do I panicked, I was worried why she had not ovulated yet, had I missed the blood, have I counted the days right, two bitches in season had I missed her!
See, even me after all these years still feel what some of you go through when our bitches come into season!
I was staying with family up North and I almost forgot to test her, I remembered just before we went for a walk, a quick test and BINGO! The pad turned black immediately! So there I was "up North" My stud was down South! But I knew I still had 4 days to get everything arranged, the joy of having the pads, I could plan everything! And I did from the phone in the car on the way home!
We mated 2nd say after Ovulation and again 48 hours later. I really did not need to mate on the second mating, she definitely took on the first mating and had the puppies at day 62, the timing and the first mating were perfect. However, just in case, I did the same as we all do, covered all bases! LOL!
So here are my 5 wonderful Champion Sired Bulldog Puppies, 4 girls and 1 boy, we are over the moon and hopefully keeping two girls for the Show Ring...
So why use anything else? No taking your healthy bitch to the Vet, test easily at home with easy to read results, on line and telephone support always available, and very cost effective!



Hi Karen
I purchased your ovulation pads for my Bullmastiff and have spoken to you several times on the telephone where you gave me very much appreciated advice.
I contacted you just after my girl successfully had 10 beautiful pups. Her first litter and mine!!
They are now 17 days old and doing well. Please see attached photos.
Once again thanks for all your help and advice. It hasn't put me off breeding so hopefully will speak to you in the future.
Regards Jane Sartoris


Hi Karen
Ovulation Test Pads.
We have tried for approximately over 2 years for our Staffordshire Bull terrier bitch, now 4 years old to have litter of pups, even one would have be great . We had spent money on stud fees also we had tests done at the Vets, however, they couldn't find no reason for her not to conceive. We had hit brick wall! Until we spoke to breeder that said that perhaps are bitch window for when she was at the right time to ovulate was either to short, earlier or later then we thought, even though when we thought she was ready to be mated by the stud dog she did stand & mated but in fact her body was not ready ovulate.
So I scan the website forum and come across someone that had had the same problem as us! They had tried OVULATION PADS, & had a litter of puppies, so I got the website read information & watched the video! Bought my Ovulation pads which are good value for money. So now the wait for her to come into season. Stud dog ready I was ready with my pads then the day came blood. Right OVUALTION PAD I tested her from day 1 then day 9 we notice change in colour of the Ovualtion pad, but for piece of mind I test her about approxuimately half to hour later the same result, so I called the stud dog. Took our bitch, done all the usual stuff still testing upto the next mating 48 hours test still good! Then it was the longest wait & wait, she showed all the signs of be pregnant but we had been here before (phantoms) but no movement from puppies/pup. We did not want to have her scanned as we wanted to keep any stress to miminal, so our vet gave her the hands on it again it seem ages & under his breath said that he could feel something but couldnt feel movement! All things going through our minds, then 10 days before her whelping date we saw movement puppies/pup it was great to see, our bitch has had 3 strong healthy puppies, 11 days old & all still doing well.
We have read the testimonials, seen pictures that other people who have had similar problems to us and used the Ovulation pads. The proof is their puppies, as we have now! 3 Lovely puppies!
Just like to thank Karen for her help and good advice with for Ovulation pads .



Hello again Karen,

I just wanted to say what a fantastic product the Ovulation Test Strips are! We now have confirmed by the scans today both Beagle bitches in pup!
Their last season they both missed, obviously my fault and I was suspecting the Stud (Ours) was Infertile so how delighted are we that he is not and that we purchased these pads from you.
They perform exactly as you say and gives clear colour change when ovulation is taking place. I shall continue to purchase these and shall mention you on my web site
Please find a photo enclosed and feel free to use this testimonial on yours.
With Best Wishes

Susan Carman


I just wanted to say thank you for the ovulation strips.
This is the first time I used anything like it and my first time trying to get my Miniature Poodle matted, I used them around day 9 and carried on until day 12 when the colour changed.

I have just had her scanned and she is pregnant and carrying 5 puppies.........................
I know I wouldn't have had the right day without the pads and wanted to say I would defiantly used them again and highly recommend them to my friends.

I've attached a picture of my poodle for you.

Best Regards


Here are some new photo's from Sue Kidd.

This is her 2nd litter from using the Ovulation pads (see previous photo and testimonial below).

Thank you Sue, lovely litter photo's and thank you for passing the pads around to your friends for us.



Hi Karen

Karen I would like to thank you for the ovulation tabs they were a complete success.

I spent £120 last year on pre mate blood tests with no success I used 5 of your tabs this year and got 9 pups.
I have recommended your tabs to other breeders and cant recommend them strongly enough.

Sue Kidd.


Hi Karen

I’ve got a litter due tomorrow week, once the birth is over (which I always worry about) I’m in heaven.

I have used your ovi-pads for the last three matings and each time have arrived at the stud dog at exactly the right time.

So THANKS for a super product. Twice I have used them alongside a vet’s pre-mate test as a double check.

But I will save my money in future and just use your pads. Brilliant product.


Hi Karen

Tizzy our miniature Schnauzer had her puppies on Friday 14th May.

She had 6 healthy pups all doing well, thanks again for the pads.
I have attached a picture for you.

Lisa xx


Hi Karen
I order some of your pads last year, and just wanted to let
you know Bambi my Weimaraner shocked us all with a
lovely litter of 15 puppies, 9 boys and 6 girls in October 2009.
I lost one little boy in the litter, but all the others where strong and healthy.
Your pads are brilliant and I have told everyone about them, and will be using them myself again.
Thank you and take care.




Hi Karen
Those pads worked just great, much better then spending all that money on blood tests.
My Jordan had seven pups, unfortunately lost three at birth but mother and the remaining four are doing just great.
I would recommend your pads to anyone planning a mating and will definitely use them on my next one.
Kind Regards Mike Davidsohn
Kiragleons Poodles


Hello Karen,
I know its ages ago now but the pads were successful...tested Saturday 7th Nov, Sunday & Monday... pads coloured up, hardly any colour on the Tuesday, one mating on Wednesday 11th Nov......8 pups arrived Jan 10th.
Thank you! Don't breed very often but will certainly try them again...
Have recommended them to others...

Best Wishes


I just wanted to tell you that we had a litter of 7 puppies !
The pads were very easy to use and less stress for our bitch than lots of blood test at the vets .
Thank you very much we will be using them in the future ! 

From Britishwood Bulldogs


Hello Karen!
Just wanted to say how fab and easy to use your Ovulation Pads are!

We now offer to use them on bitches as complimentry whe they come to be mated to our Yogi!
His second litter were born in June 2009 and the mother of the pups was tested using your ovulation pads.
She came all the way from Holland and had beautiful babies! (pics attached ).
I think the pads are ace!
Thanks Karen, I will be buying from you soon! xxxx



Hi Karen
Your test sticks are a revelation to my success at breeding.
I have had my fair share of unsuccessful matings - one year two of my girls were mated twice each over two seasons (8 matings between them), coupled with expensive Vet's Pre-mate tests and still no puppies.
Then I tried your test sticks and after getting the hang of reading the results - both my girls got pregnant immediately.
I was over the moon ! One had 5 puppies and the other had 4 puppies (one of which I kept - a ruby girl called Tess - who has just had her first litter of 5 puppies at the age of 2yrs). - see picture attached.

Thank you once again and I wish you a very happy Christmas and new year. I am going to have a busy but wonderfully enjoyable Christmas with my babies before they go to their new homes in January.
Kind Regards.
Mrs Helen Jeffries

Hi Karen
Just wanted to let you know that Luna had 7 puppies in the early hours of Thursday morning, all lovely and doing well.
Have just used the pads today on a bitch that has come over from Belgium to be mated to Blade and result, she came on Saturday and I tested her and nothing today bingo and job done.
Have recommended the pads to a fair few people so if you get a lot of Border Collie people ordering you know why.
Photo attach of Mother and babes yesterday.

Hope you are well.
Best wishes Karen

MADDIE - a puppy we help make!
just wanted you to see pictures of Maddi at her first dog show, 14th june, where she got 1st place, and best puppy bitch in show, Her review- Andrews sharandanes athena. 8 month old harlequin,lovely happy puppy, nicely balanced outline, well marked, pleasing head, beautiful straight legs, good angulation both front and rear, nice steady mover for her age. competed well for best puppy bitch.



MIKI - another puppy we help make!


Miki at Crufts!

Hi Karen
As promised re our telephone conversation earlier regarding my German Shepherd Zara and her puppies please find attached the photo's of the babies at 3 weeks of age I have also enclosed a couple of photo's of Zara with the babies Just after they were born.

Once again I cannot thank you enough for your fantastic product ( Ovulation pads ).
Keep up the fantastic work you are doing helping people like myself.
Best Wishes Peggy ( Stockport )


Having tried several methods of determining when my bitch was ovulating, from blood tests to swab tests and none seem to get the correct day, I decided to use the Ovulation Pads when my bitch came in season.
It took some getting used to reading the pads, but with plenty of help from Karen I was able to determine the correct reading and although I was sceptical my girl was ready for mating two days after the pads went dark. She went on to have 6 pups and they were all good birth weights and went on thrive and turn into gorgeous puppies.
I would definatelly use these Pads next time as I feel they are a great help in determining the time of ovulation for the bitch, and when a long journey is required to the stud dog it is a big help. Maybe it would be a good idea to have a colour stick in with the Pads so users can compare the colourings on the Colour Stick to the Pads change of colour to help determine the reading ???
Thanks for all your help and advice Karen.
Penny xx

Dear Karen
I just wanted to let you know that the ovulation pads were a big success :)
The resident stud dog hadn't shown any interest in Daisy
{she was being taken to an outside dog} the day after we had expected her to ovulate - then late afternoon, he suddenly showed interest.
The pad in the morning had been clear, but I tested her again as soon as he was interested and got a positive result - it was very reassuring to have it confirmed!!
Daisy was mated 48 and 72 hours after the positive result - and we have SEVEN wonderful puppies!!
A large litter for a Cavalier, but she is coping well and is a wonderful Mum.
Thought you would like to see Daisy and her babies.
Thank you for your wonderful pads -
so much less stressful for the bitch than progesterone testing - also considerably cheaper.

Wishing you well


Hi There,
I am writing to thank you for supplying the canine ovulation sticks.
Although my Boxer bitch had had a litter over 3 years ago any attempt over the last 2 years to successfully mate her failed.
Her first litter she was mated on her 11th and 13th day and this resulted in 7 beautiful puppies. I was beginning to think we weren't going to have any more puppies from her and indeed this was to be our final attempt.
I received the sticks at the beginning of her season and tested her from the 9th day, I was surprised to see that according to the sticks she didn't ovulate until the 16th day I had the stud dog already on stand by and I had her mated on the 16th and 18th day.......................RESULT!!!!!
7 gorgeous Red and White puppies, 5 boys and 2 girls, so I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart and tell you that I have recommended these sticks to ALL my doggie friends. I have attached photos of puppies born on 15/4/09.

Vivian Clarkson



Ciao Karen ,
One of the 2 bitches that I have checked with Ovulation Pads has had pups, the other bitch has had ecograph this morning and not see any pups...but we'll try again next week.
Here is a quick photo of the puppies.

Luca - OldEnglish Bulldogs ITALY


Hi ,
Here are some pictures of puppies resulting from the mating where I used ovulations pads :o)

Nete Helt-Hansen
Kennel Dezzo


Hi Karen,
Thought you would like to see the photos of my successful litter after using the 'miracle' ovulation pads!!!
I have recommended them to my Poodle friends, so hope you receive some more orders. The puppies came Freya's 60th day,23rd/24thDec. There were 8 in all but unfortunately we lost a puppy dog who arrived without his sac in the first few hours,but the rest of the litter are large from her previous litter and very strong.
I have 2 boys and 5 girls,which also makes a change as I usually have more little fellas!
Best wishes, Gill Newton--Darbia Std. Poodles.xx

I don't breed very often but I had mated my two bitches in the last two years without success.
This was despite having them swab tested. This time I used the Ovulation pads on one bitch and also did a swab test.
The swab test, I was told did not bode well for conception but the Ovulation pad turned bright purple and we got a successful mating and tie with what was a maiden bitch. She produced eight strong, healthy puppies.
We have tested the Ovulation pads on my friend's bitch and now know she is a 17 day girl. Next time she comes into season we will start testing at day ten and take her to be mated when the pads tell us she is ready.

This is such a simple, helpful process and worth every penny.

Judy Cartwright Luik Bouviers 


Hi Karen 
I just wanted to tell you that we got a litter of 8 puppies 
with your ovulation pads! 

It works great!!!!!!! 
Thanks and 1 million hugs



Here is a pic of our Neapolitan Mastiff Luna with her 8  puppies after we used the test pads, we were very pleased with the result as our  girl was standing  early in her season but was not ready until much later.  
They  are great  and  would  we recommend them to  anyone. 
Sean Platts

Hi Karen. 
I have just ordered more pads from you. 
I used the first lot on my Akita bitch. After having some advice from you about the pads we had a successful mating and ended up with two 10 minute ties. This resulted in 9 live and very healthy puppies. 
Thank you for all your help and advice. I would recommend your pads to others. In fact I gave a few of my pads to a friend who ended up with a successful mating. 

Thank you once again. 
Janet Williamson Luneriver Akitas

Dear friend,

After few years with no puppies in our kennel I really was lost. 
We took bloodtests, but you need 4 people to hold Diva when we are by the vet. Like Bulldogs some times are, while playing they bite some fur out of the other and do not care and look like patchwork – but a needle by the vet… – guess you could hear my white baby cry from here in Germany to your place...
Last year I found out about your wonderful pads and since then we use it – and now we will have our C-puppies end of October – all 3 litters are made with the pads from you, stress-free used at home, 
as I am also worried to catch something bad in the waiting-room of the vet when I go there with the girls.
Karen, thanks sooooo much, that’s just great that we have the possibility to use your wonderful pads and they work great!!!
Hope that it is true, what comes around goes around.
Best wishes for you and your family on 2 and 4 leggs.


I brought some ovulation stick from you last year and below are the result..........

After a miss with my Staffordshire bull terrier we used the sticks and found she ovulates early and is ready to mate on the eight day without the indicators she would probable  have missed again, so THANKS............... 

All the best Brenda Struthers.

I bought some pad from you and I just wanted to let you know I tested my girl with them and mated her 
when it changed color and she had 13 puppies and we got 9 live from her they are long and thick coated German Shepherds. 
I am over the moon and cannot thank you enough I have told everyone on our breeder site about your pads and can testify they work brilliant.
Here is a picture of the proud mum with her 9 babies at a week old thanks Sue


Tania of Kaiblu, one of my Ovulation Pads Customers pictured here with me at the Dartford & District Canine Society Show in Maidstone.  

We are pictured here with her 8 month old puppy bitch, a direct result from the pads working.  
She got her first 2nd Rosette today and it was a real pleasure to meet Tania and one of her puppies...
A great day had by all...We had a 1st, 2 x 2nd's and a 3rd...



Hi Karen,
Just to let you know, I ordered and received some ovulation pads from you as my cavalier bitch had come into season and I did not know when.
She also has a part silent season at the prime time so you never know when she is ready without taking her to the vet. I received the pads on the Thursday morning and tested her that evening, the pads immediately changed colour so I organised the stud dog for the next evening, obviously I tested her just in time.
We had a good mating and she is in whelp she is due her puppies on 28th August.
Thank you very much for bringing this product on the market. I have told all my friends and have also linked you to my website. I will also be using the pads to check andy bitches that come to my stud dogs.
Thanks once again. Margaret Kirkham


Dear Karen,
What can we say other than Thank you! Your help and assistance has been second to none and the pads themselves seem to work a real treat.
Having a bitch that has dry / silent seasons is somewhat of a night mare LOL. By the time we notice the swelling of her vulva she is usually just about ready to be bred, which isn't too handy when we have to travel a minimum of 8 hours to get to the stud!
Being sceptical I used the pads along with Vaginal swabbing done by the vet. The vaginal slide is only able to tell you when your bitch reaches the Oestrus cycle of her season, this does not mean she is or has ovulated as ovulation will occur within 2 to 3 days of being in Oestrus. We tested our bitch the day she was confirmed in Oestrus and the pads remained pink, the following day she mated with the stud dog and had a 12 minute tie, we tested the bitch 5 hours later and the pads were turning colour, indicating she was now in Ovulation. We will repeat the mating again in 48 hours and will keep our fingers tightly crossed for a positive result.

It isn't just the help with the pads as a product Karen, but your help and assistance with the bitches whole season, your not just a sales woman you actually care about the dogs well-being and assist with information in any way that you can. Your a real star Karen! And a friend for life :o)
Charlie xxxxxx

The ovulation pads have been wonderful, ( now I understand how they work) after getting my head around the way the colour change works with your test compared to the way the vets work, I rang the vet and they wait till the pads go back to pink and then give me the OK!!!  
The vet was very interested in your pads so you might get an e-mail asking for some!  
Honest they were brilliant, I would have mated Abby on the 11st and 13th as she was so up for it, but I listened to you and yes you were so right she was not ready till 15th and 17th!! but still no tie, he was very eager and she was an angel and so patient, but the bulb came out every time before they had tied, we tried Friday, sat sun and Monday, lets hope we get a slip mating!!!!....I am really grasping at straws now!!!
I will let you know the out come of all three mating's, thank you very much for all your help, and good luck, Sharon xx.  

One of Sharons Great Danes has been confirmed as Pregnant, we await for news on the other two matings!  Good luck Sharon...

UPDATE! Here are some photo's of Sharon's Great Dane Puppies, you can see she has her hands full. Congratulations to Sharon.  
   Sharon's puppies     Sharon's puppies

The tests appear to be a huge advantage to anyone wanting to breed their dog, whether novice or experienced breeder, it takes the guesswork and mystery out of the process and allows time for planning.
The other big benefit is in the calculation of pregnancy length, as it has never been able to be calculated accurately by mating day(s).  This could be a factor in saving the lives of not only the puppies but the Mother too if a caesarian section is necessary.  
This is a product that we will look back on in years to come and wonder how we ever managed without it! 
Thanks again for you excellent service, my latest litter is due in 5 weeks (exactly)! 
Please feel free to use any of my emails as testimonials for your product.  It sure works for me! I can't wait to try the pregnancy testing! 
Kind regards Jenny, South Africa

Being unconvinced I used blood tests as well. The blood test said my bitch wasn't ready and the ovulation pads said she was! So I decided to go with the ovulation pads and guess what? FOUR puppies! 
Looks like the ovulation pads are MORE reliable than the blood tests. 

I will certainly always use them from now on and I've told everyone who will listen!   
Thank you, Edward McKenzie-Clark.

We loved the ovulations Pads they worked just fine. Our Lola IS pregnant now with Iceglint I'm Edward and we are very trilled.
Have a great day.
Best Regards
Pia & Klemme, Bullystyle's, Denmark.

Just to give you an update – Folly was scanned on Wednesday and we could see 8 puppies!  
This is the 3rd time she was mated but this time I used my own dog who is younger.  She ovulated on the very last day she would stand (day 14) and wouldn’t stand on day 15, so I think we know that the problem lay with the fact that the older dog’s semen was not of sufficient quality to survive the 2+ days necessary to fertilise the matured eggs.  
She was standing on day 11 at which point the tester stick was starting to show the border but by the Tuesday it was absolutely instantly positive as it was for a couple of days afterwards when she wouldn’t stand any longer.

I’m so pleased we have a maiden bull terrier she came into season 6 weeks ago, we were not able to get her to the boy until 15th day, and we thought this might be a bit late, however we used the pads & on the 15th day they went slightly purple round the edges, so we took her. We got a mating, but the stud owner said he thought it was just a bit early, by the pads this was so right.We took her back 2 days later (used the pads again, they were showing she’s ready) & 6 weeks on she is definitely in pup. I’m finding the pads so helpful.Luv Julie x

I bought some tester pads off you recently.I just thought and I would like to tell you I sent my pug girl away for mating and gave the lady the pads. We had done the pads with no change of colour ,when the lady got them out to mate they did so without her having time to put the pad in,however as it was early morning she tried the pad later that day and it did change colour. I'm pleased to say she had a scan today and is pregnant.The breeder has just told me she has bought 50 off you and she has been telling other breeders,so you might be busy selling them ! Just thought I would  let you know Tonia.

Hi Karen
Just to let you know, that I used the Ovulation pads I bought from you back in late 2007 and I'm pleased to say that they have worked well for me, I took my Rough Collie bitch to be scanned on the 3rd of Jan 08 and sure enough she is in whelp, 6 puppies showed up on the scan, but I was told their could be 8. 
I'm just pleased I found your advert, the pads have really helped and I will be using them again, I will also be sure to tell my friends about them.
The litter is due on the 26Th of this month so I will let you know how many.
Very best regards,
Mark Hales.


Hi Karen,
I spoke to you a few weeks ago after buying the ovulation pads..this was just for advice.
Since then I have used them on my Standard Poodle bitch and I can tell you that she is in whelp..thanks so much!
I will send you some pics. when puppies arrive..due Boxing Day!!!!
Gill Newton--Darbia Standard Poodles



Hello I wish to inform you, that I have been VERY pleased with your ovulations pads.
I live in Denmark, and the mating should take place in Sweden. It was so nice that I could wait to the ovulation, and then drive to Göteborg where the male are living. The mating have result in 6 puppies, 4 girls and 2 boys.

Best regards
Nete Helt-Hansen Kennel Dezzo Denmark



Hi Karen
I've just placed a new order with you for some more pad's after a great success the first time last summer :o)
The first set of pad's arrived bang on time as the first one I did on arrival showed an immediate change, one I may have missed without the pad's as the bitch was still very early on in her season & telling my male where to go!! A very successful mating 2 day's later resulted in 6 gorgeous puppies :o)
I'll now always use the pad's!!
I've set the order to go to my friend who the bitch lives with (joint ownership) as although she has some pad's that I gave her, I don't want her to run out (the bitch is having a funny season!).
Many thanks :o)

Lyndsay, Borderpride Border Collies


" Still singing the praises of these pads ......"

Hi Karen
Hello, I've just ordered some more pads from you.
My young Rottie bitch is due in season any time now and as the stud dog is a long ride away - so we have to be sure she's ready for mating before setting off. I've used your pads with both my Rotts and my Lancashire Heeler girls to determine optimum mating times - and they've never let me down yet.
I've also sent several friends your way with their girls when they've had problems getting the girls mated at the right time.
In fact, one lady (Mrs. Sue Brown) had missed with her girl several time but thanks to your pads she succeded at last - just as well as she had 7 people waiting for pups from her.
Look forward to getting the pads - I know hoe efficient you are at getting them out quick.
Warmest Regards,
Judy Spooner Audaxus.


I just wanted to say thank you! We have tried twice before to get matings with our bitch but was unsure when she was ovulating, a trip to the vets was out of the question as she gets very stressed!
I tested her at home with the pads, and she ovulated on the Sunday/Monday (pads went straight to black)!! Mated her on the Monday and Tuesday we tried again on the Wednesday and Thursday but no luck so hopefully got the right days! We are thrilled that we got matings! She is 2 weeks in whelp (we hope) and will let you know how things progress.
Allie MacBain